Gabriele Hällmeier

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  • Patent Attorney's Assistant
  • Training supervisor for patent attorney's assistants in training
  • Speaker

Gabriele Hällmeier has worked as a patent attorney’s assistant ever since completing her training in 1981. During her long professional career in large, medium-sized and smaller IP law firms, she acquired comprehensive knowledge in basically all fields of industrial property in Germany, Europe and on an international level. Her personal wealth of experience encompasses many years of cooperation with large and medium-sized industrial companies and foreign communicating law firms. In her capacity as office manager, she also contributed significantly to the organization of law firm infrastructures, to the structuring of law firm processes and to the monitoring of deadlines.

In the course of her career, Gabriele Hällmeier successfully trained many patent attorney's assistants in training. Furthermore, she is often requested as a speaker at various advanced training events.